Cantonment, Accra Working Hours: Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm

APPLE HOMES. . ."an eye for the needy”. This is the charitable wing of 633 foundation registered in  2014, with the Department of Social Welfare, Ghana. Registration/Charity number is D.S.W/7244.

Apple Homes operates with a singular aim of providing relief for the needy in our society. This ranges from orphans, abused women, villages and other communities which are deprived of basic essential; clean drinking water and other amenities

Why the name "Apple Homes"?  Because we believe that the needy are the apple of God’s eye. .


  • To raise awareness about the deprivation of those in need.
  • To improve the standard of living of as many impoverished individuals and communities as we can.
  • To provide social, physical and psychological support to individuals who are in desperate need of such.


David K. Anagbo and Melissa Ennin-Anagbo are the founders of Apple Homes. David and Melissa are both passionate missionaries, serving in diverse ways in the kingdom of God. They have shared desire to improve the lives of the under-privilege. Together they strongly believe that God chooses to bless His children in order for them to be a blessing to others. To achieve this desire, Apple Homes was birthed to bring together like-minded partners with the goal to create an impact and make a difference in many lives and communities. 


Our scope of work is achieved in two ways;
  • 1. As a supporting NGO to other NGO’s such as other foundations, orphanages, shelters and the like
  • 2. As project initiators and managers e.g. building and managing orphanages, shelters, buildings, borehole projects etc

Our scope of work includes most things that provide relief for the needy, however our focus is on long-term projects that have long term benefits for the people.


“We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they are not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes”-David Platt. Apple Homes identifies existing registered orphanages, which have been operating for at least 5 years and works with them to improve their facilities. Improvement could be anything between renovating aspects of their facilities (toilets, kitchen, bathroom, dormitories, offices, classrooms) to raising complete buildings for them.


At Apple Homes, part of our scope is to see the gift of clean and safe water extended to all through building of boreholes in deprived areas in the country. We believe that clean water is a critical building block for a stable life and the possibilities of greater change.


In terms of Village Community Improvement, Apple Homes’ mode of operation consists mainly of identifying other small charities that have already made inroads into certain villages, and helping them with funding for specific projects. However as mentioned above, this is not our only approach.

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