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Since 2014, Apple Homes has turned donors’ gifts into life-changing projects around the country.

MARCOFF (2018)

Marcoff Orphanage is situated in the rural village of Nsutem in the Eastern Region. The foundation has an orphanage (Marcoff children home) with estimated number of 40 children. They also have a Preparatory School which serves the small community, and also makes room for the orphans. They also have a factory (which hasn’t operated for some years now due to damages of their factory machines) for processing palm fruits and other crops into end produce. Some of this is consumed by the orphans and some sold for income.

In 2018 Apple Homes spent a total of GHC 12,544 on Marcoff Orphanage to do the following;

  • Repair all their broken down factory equipment to enable them restore their oil palm production ventures and gari processing. There are 6 machines in the factory, 5 out of the 6 machines needed repairs and the other, replacement. The replacement is due to existence of a new model version of it, which will help operation move faster and less costly as compared to the old version which needs additional cost of employing additional labor to operate but very expensive.
  • Purchase a truck load of palm fruits to serve as input for the factory’s first production. In addition to restoring the factory, one truck of palm fruits was needed to keep the factory running till their cultivated palm fruits are ready for harvest.
  • Clear their 6 acres of farmland and purchase 6000 pieces of coco-yam suckers to be planted in order to generate income from its produce. In addition to clearing their 6 acres of land at Sanfo, Eastern Region, Apple Homes purchased 6000 pieces of coco-yam suckers to be planted, for both domestic and commercial purposes.

    Donated some food items to Potters Village (September 2017)

    September, 2017, Apple Homes paid Potters Village, Dodowa a surprise visit to assure them that they are constantly on our minds. We didn’t go empty handed so with a token donation of 3 bags of rice, 10 packs of toilet rolls , a mini gallon of cooking oil and 4 packs of toffee we travelled to Dodowa. We were warmly received by the proprietress-Dr. Jane Irina Adu.

    Donated food items to Marcoff Orphanage, Nsutem and Potters Village, Dodowa (December 2017)

    Apple Homes in December every year donates food items and sometimes used clothes to selected orphanages in the country. December, 2017, Apple Homes donated food items worth GHC 9000 between two orphanages, Marcoff Orphanage, Nsutem in the Eastern Region and Potters Village, Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region. We visited with our family and friends and enjoyed a great time with the kids.

    Food items such as bag of rice, cooking oil, sacks of gari, sacks of beans, sacks of maize, bags of sugar assorted canned drinks, eggs, toiletries, canned foods, detergents, sweets, canned milks and soaps.


    Donated food items to Marcoff Orphanage, Nsutem and Potters Village, Dodowa (December2016)

    December, 2016, Apple Homes donated food items valued at GHC 10,000 between, Marcoff Orphanage,Nsutem in the Eastern Region and Potters Village, Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region. These donations, formed part of our mission, of assisting to improve the standard of living of as many improvised individuals in the country.

    The items were; bags of maize, bags of rice, bags of sugar, bags of gari, bag of beans, assorted canned drinks, eggs, toiletries, canned food, detergents, sweets, canned milks, soaps, and cooking oil.



    Potters Village is one of the orphanages Apple Homes has a close relationship with. In December, 2015, Apple Homes hosted a Christmas Party for all the orphans and the workers of Potters Village at a venue near them.

    The Christmas Party Package, included; food, music, games,Santa Claus, drinks and playing grounds. We went along with our families and friends had a great time together.


    Donated School Stationery to Akrade Junior High School, near Akosombo (October 2015)

    October, 2015, Apple homes collaborated with Alem Foundations to donate various school supplies to Old Akrade Junior High School to facilitate their learning process.Items donated include; pack of toilet rolls, exercise books, mathematical sets, pencils, pens, crayons,reading books, pencil sharpener, children abacus, white board makers and permanent makers, colours and erasers.


    Assistance of school fees for some senior high school students.



    This year, Apple Homes plans on supporting Potter’s Village Orphanage, Dodowa in their continuous quest to become financially stable. Potters Village is a registered orphanage situated in Dodowa with over 50 orphans. It was established to provide care and support to women and children who suffer domestic violence and abuse to reach their full potential. The orphanage has 10 acres of land at Amoyaa, Aburi. 3 acres of the 10 acres was used to cultivate pepper, maize, and tomatoes for both commercial and domestic purposes.

    However, this proved futile because of their poor irrigation system as well as inadequate security to care for the farmland. Apple Homes has therefore decided to support them with the following;
    • Constructing a borehole on their 3 acres of farmland at Amoyaa (Aburi).
    • Purchasing some food crops seedlings such as cocoyam, cassava, plantain, garden eggs, pepper for cultivation on their 3 acres of farmland at Amoyaa (Aburi) for domestic and commercial purposes
    • Building a structure (Single room) nearby their farmland at Amoyaa (Aburi) to serve as a home for their caretaker for security purposes.
    • Building a structure (Wooden structure) nearby the farmland at Amoyaa (Aburi) to serve as storage facility