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ALETHEIA is the arm that cares for the spiritual development of people. The word Aletheia is the Greek word for Truth.

Derived from the ancient Greek word, meaning ‘Truth’, Aletheia is a subsidiary of 633foundation,

This subsidiary produces a series of periodical conferences established to draw God's people to return to basic truths in the Bible: ensuring that the foundation of their relationship with God, is right.

It’s based on specific messages, or other pertinent topics which are preached, to highlight specific areas of our daily walk, that God wants to enlighten His children, through His Son Jesus.

Our slogan ‘the light for your path’ echoes Psalm 119:105 "the word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light for our path." Aletheia has diverse programmes under it, which all serve as platforms to impart the word of God.


  • To encourage people to focus once again on fundamental truths in the scriptures that we seem to have forgotten about.
  • To empower people with the word by presenting it in a manner that they find very easy to understand and apply to their lives.
  • To use ‘TRUTH’ to guide people to walk the narrow road that leads to life (matt 7:14)

633 foundation is a parent company to two subsidiaries and growing. A characteristic of our subsidiaries is that they all fulfil the core demand of the scripture Matthew 6:33 i.e. seeking first the kingdom of God.