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Aletheia meaning Truth. These meetings are in the format of a typical church service. These conferences communicate the ‘simple truths’ in God’s word that Christianity seems to have departed from. Each conference’s theme is a particular message that God wants to give his children at that time. Aletheia is ‘The light for our path’ to a healthy Christian life.


As the name suggests, we meet to sing unto the Lord with the assistance of simply a keyboard and worship leaders. The idea is that in these sessions, God will hear individuals pour out from their hearts as opposed to hearing instruments. The use of instruments is scriptural, however for these particular meetings God wants “YOUR Worship”


This is a bi-annual breakfast meeting for women. There are 2 themes that are repeated yearly.

  • 1. In the process of Time
  • 2. What have you believed?
Both meetings are in testimony form by a female speaker who has a story that would encourage others to hold on to God in faith through difficult times. We do this because testimonies based on God’s word are a form of imparting the knowledge of WHO God is.


Women are made to be helpers as is stated in Gen 2:18. We meet to pray for our children and husbands


Aletheia engages in evangelism in 2 ways.

  • 1. Partnering with other evangelists who organise crusades within and outside Accra. 633foundation believes in furthering the kingdom and therefore are always ready for collaborations that achieve that.
  • 2. One on One evangelism around the streets of Accra


A 2-3 day retreat for women away from home. During the retreat, much prayer is offered for our families and ourselves. Topics that are vital to family and personal life are treated based on the scriptures.