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All subsidiaries of 633 foundation are founded on the core essence of ‘seeking first the kingdom of God’.

633 foundation is a mission inspired by God himself and founded on scripture.

While we prioritise the pertinent issues of life (family, finances, health, education, careers, bereavement), Christ calls us to seek Him in the first place, before all else, with the greatest earnestness and concern, as being the principal thing; the very foundation of our lives.

That God, reigning in our hearts, may fill us with holiness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, according to His righteousness and not our own. For if we seek Him, as now directed, the kingdom of God, ‘first and principally’, all things pertaining to this life shall by divine providence be bestowed upon us, as far as our real welfare is concerned, and more we would not desire.


633 foundation is a parent organisation to two subsidiaries and growing. A characteristic of our subsidiaries is that they all fulfil the core demand of the scripture Matthew 6:33 i.e. seeking first the kingdom of God.

  • To encourage people
  • To live lives worthy of the identity they have received in Christ
  • To chase after God
  • Turn their hearts towards God and seek to please him

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